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The IRDiRC label is now attached to all projects funded by an IRDiRC member highlighted on Orphanet. 

IRDiRC new documents

• Executive Committee: report of the teleconference held on January 26, 2015

• Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee: report of the teleconference held on February 4, 2015

Upcoming IRDiRC meetings and teleconferences

• March 16, 2015: meeting of the Executive Committee in Madrid, Spain

• June 5, 2015: meeting of the Diagnostics Scientific Committee in Glasgow, UK (full day)

• June 5, 2015: meeting of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee in Glasgow, UK (full day)

• June 5, 2015: meeting of the Therapies Scientific Committee in Glasgow, UK (afternoon)

• June 6, 2015: meeting of the three Scientific Committees in Glasgow, UK (morning)

• September 11, 2015: Executive Committee meeting in Montreal, Canada

Research highlights published on the website

• Orphan drug legislation lacking: pharmas need more to develop orphan drugs

• The President of United States earmarks US$215 million towards ‘Precision Medicine’

• The Japan Prize Foundation awarded to gene therapy pioneers 

• How to successfully apply for an Orphan Designation: proving medical plausibility

Ten components to navigate the rare disease research roadmap

• PIN for ranking candidate genes

• Drugnet: a novel drug repurposing webtool

• Guidelines for diagnostic next generation sequencing

• Deciphering Developmental Disorders project

• The Institute of Medicine of the United States pushes companies to share clinical trial data: Johnson & Johnson complies

• Public consultation on application of transparency rules of EU Clinical Trial Regulation

Website updates

• The IRDiRC in the news section has been updated with the addition of an interview with Prof Paul Lasko published in International Innovation on how rare disease research drives innovation.  

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