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IRDiRC new documents 

  • Report of the third IRDiRC Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee meeting that took place in Dublin, Ireland, on April 15, 2013          

     Read the report here


New documents from external sources

  • Two reports on Biobanks, "Biobanks for Europe: a challenge for governance" and "Trust in biobank research: meaning and moral significance" 

     Read the reports here


Website update

  • IRDiRC is a part of Global Alliance which will develop standards and policies to enable responsible sharing of genomic and clinical data 

     Read IRDiRC article and The Global Alliance White Paper here

  • Interview of Manuel Posada from SpainRDR which aims to build the National Rare Diseases Registry in Spain 

     Read the interview here


Other news

  • Planning of the past and upcoming first teleconferences of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Committee Working Groups and of the Diagnostic Scientific Committee Working Groups

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