Become a Member

Various stakeholders are part of IRDiRC. A funding research body (governmental (funding) agency, institute, foundation or company) can become an IRDiRC funding member. Each of IRDiRC’s funding members invests a minimum of 10 million USD over 5 years in research projects/programs in rare diseases contributing towards IRDiRC objectives.

Investments that are done from January 1, 2010 contributing to IRDiRC objectives will be considered for membership in the Consortium Assembly.

Benefits of the consortium membership include:

  • Access to an international network of stakeholders active in the field of rare disease
  • Representation on the Consortium Assembly
  • Participation in a Scientific Committee and/or Task Force, according to expertise
  • Involvement in setting out policies, guidelines, and recommendations
  • Information sharing on the state of art in rare disease research
  • Skill and expertise sharing to advance translational, pre-clinical, and clinical research

Ultimately, all this will help:

  • Avoiding duplication of effort through the opportunity to discuss future call for proposals with other funding agencies
  • Accelerating therapy development for rare diseases
  • Cost saving through knowledge and resource sharing

In order to obtain IRDiRC membership, a “Letter of intent” must be signed by the authorizing official committing the research funds. This the letter should be addressed to contact[-at-]irdirc[-dot-]org. A template letter of intent is available.