IRDiRC Communication

IRDiRC provides different sources of information. To learn more about IRDiRC, look at our flyers and posters or at the different PowerPoint modules. For the latest news about IRDiRC, its members or other highlights about rare diseases, read the IRDiRC Newsletter. Also, to read communication written about IRDiRC, visit the section IRDiRC in the News.

IRDiRC Newsletters

IRDiRC publishes a monthly newsletter with information about its activities, members and other information about rare diseases. Here you can read the latest IRDiRC newsletters.

IRDiRC in the News

News about IRDiRC: What is written about IRDiRC? This section contains a collection of articles and news items of IRDiRC.

IRDiRC Flyers & Posters

Flyer IRDiRC (2015)
Poster IRDiRC Goals (2015)
Poster IRDiRC Recommended (2015)
Poster IRDiRC Task Forces (2015)
Poster IRDiRC ASHG (2015)

IRDiRC PowerPoint Presentations

IRDiRC in one slide
IRDiRC Introduction (2016)
IRDiRC Introduction Activities (2017)
IRDiRC Governance (2016)
IRDiRC Policies and Guidelines (2015)
IRDiRC Roadmap (2017)
IRDiRC membership (2017)
IRDiRC State-of-play of research (2015)
IRDiRC Recognized Resources (2017)
IRDiRC monitors progress towards goals (2015)
IRDiRC at Conferences (2017)
IRDiRC Current State of Progress-Summary (2017)
IRDiRC Current-status-of-RD-research (2015)