National Human Genome Research Institute (NIH), USA


  • Better outcomes for children: promoting excellence in healthcare genomics to inform policy
  • Beyond the reproductive tract: the future of Y chromosome research
  • Precision medicine for dilated cardiomyopathy in European and African ancestry


  • Dyadic influence in genomic medicine: couples’ beliefs, disclosures, & wellbeing (website)
  • Ethically responsible clinical decision support for lynch syndrome screening (website)
  • Families at risk: long-term impact of huntington’s presymptomatic genetic testi (website)
  • Heterogeneous and robust survival analysis in genomic studies (website)


  • Clinical Implementation of Carrier Testing using NGS (website)
  • Clinical prioritization of reported disease variants in asymptomatic individuals (website)
  • CMOS-Integrated Fluorescence Biochip Sbir Phase Ii Grant Application
  • Evaluation of the Antigenicity of Black Restricted FVIII Haplotypes and Haplotype (website)
  • Exploring Perspectives on Genomics and Sickle Cell Public Health Interventions (website)
  • Exploring Precision Cancer Medicine for Sarcoma and Rare Cancers (website)
  • Genomic Diagnosis in Children with Developmental Delay (website)
  • Genomic Regulation at the Nuclear Periphery (website)
  • Identification and Validation of Targets of Phenotypic High Throughput Screening (website)
  • Systems Biology for Molecular Analysis of Tuberculosis in Ethiopia (website)


  • Computational and Functional Approaches To Validating Cancer Genome Targets (website)
  • H3Africa Kidney Disease Research Network (website)
  • Systems Biology of Tumor Progression and Drug Resistance (website)



  • Baylor-Johns Hopkins Center for Mendelian Genetics (website)
  • Disclosing Genomic Incidental Findings in a Cancer Biobank: An ELSI Experiment (website)
  • Genetic Education to Promote Counseling Attendance after Surgical Treatment (GET (website)
  • Incorporation of Genomic Sequencing into Pediatric Cancer Care (website)
  • UW Center for Mendelian Genomics (website)
  • Yale Center for Mendelian Genetics (website)